White-Label Client vs. Partner

by Forexware Team

Tue May 9, 2017

Benefits to choosing a White Label solution with mutually aligned incentives

In today’s FX white-label market, a successful offering includes more than just off the shelf branding and liquidity.  The best FX service provider should create a complete business platform promoting continued success for White Labels.  The right solution will enable each partner to launch a business that matches their own ambition.  As the first company to provide the Start Your Own Brokerage (SYOB) end-to-end solution, Forexware designed our White Label package from our expertise in this space.  We do not have white-label “clients,” we have “partners.”    In fact, some of our partners have grown to license their own MT4 server.  That is how we measure success at Forexware.

Products and technology drive the White Label market.  Success in these 2 areas will install confidence between the provider and White Label partner.  Localized data centers across the globe help to maximize best execution.  Some popular data centers include New York, London, Tokyo, and Hong Kong.  Freedom to choose additional plugins, web site development, marketing tools, and social trading encourages evolution as the business grows alongside industry trends.  A global 24 hour support team must be capable to resolve all inquiries without relying on 3rd parties.  Forexware has developed a completion with those areas in mind.  The innovation at Forexware helped to invent the MT4 Bridge and continues to be an industry leader.   Our support teams maximize efficiency with direct access to the products vs other competitors who must escalate to 3rd parties.  As an extra value add Business Intelligence Specialist extend strategy and development consulting.