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Everything You Need For Your Forex Business

The TotalBrokerSolution ENTERPRISE package gives organizations full control of Forexware’s platforms, back-end, front-end, API & bridge, and risk management solutions. With access to our complete Dealing & Risk Management suite (including XW Risk Manager, XW Dealing Manager, XW Liquidity Aggregator, and XW Price Engine), you can manage risk, liquidity, markups and spreads. As a TotalBrokerSolution user, you will have the ability to offer Forexware's broker building services to other entities.

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Two unique solutions that will work for you


  • Build Brokerages

    Earn revenue by offering FX trading solutions to organizations or entrepreneurs

  • 24/6 Support

    Minimize systems errors; rapid resolution 24/6 technical support.

  • Complete Control

    You have complete control - equipped with fully-integrated back-end, front-end, dealing-desk, liquidity aggregator, price engine to set customer quotes, and Tier 1 liquidity streams.

  • Advanced Technology

    Advanced FX broker technology, liquidity and support that's unmatched by any other technology / liquidity firm.

  • Manage Risk

    Manage risk and assign A-book vs. B-book on the fly.

  • Minimal Downtime

    Minimal systems downtime and availability rate of 99.99


  • Back-end Infrastructure System

    XW Backoffice CRM
    XW Online Live Registration
    XW Apptracker
    XW Reporting Portal
    MetaTrader 4 Manager
    MetaTrader 4 Bridge

  • Dealing & Risk Management System

    XW Dealing Manager
    XW Risk Manager
    XW Liquidity Aggregator
    XW Price Engine

  • Front-end Platforms

    XW Trader
    XW Mobile Trader
    MetaTrader 4